Friday, October 15, 2010

Taught you how to DB2 patch

First of all, turning off all the instances of

$ Db2list results and db2inst2 db2inst1

The two were stopped

Install Fixpak

Upgrade examples

$ DB2DIR/instance/db2iupdt

Upgrade DAS instance

$ DB2DIR/instance/dasupdt

Restart the instance of

bind Updated Packages

For each instance of

db2 connect to

db2 BIND $ DB2DIR/bnd / @ db2ubind.lst GRANT PULIC

db2 BIND $ DB2DIR/bnd / @ db2Cli.lst GRANT PULIC

Potential problems

db2start error

Solution: kill all processes associated with this instance,


Run db2iupdt

db2admin start error

Solution: kill all associated with the admin server process


Run dasupdt

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flying Milky Way God seven air

Beijing on September 25 evening 21:10:04 China's third self-developed Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center manned space launch from the "Long II F" carrier rocket successfully launched !

Before and after the successful launch of Shenzhou VII, Tianhe company's employees continue to receive the congratulations message aerospace customers and phone: "Congratulations to Tianhe company contribution to China's aerospace industry, to be able to use the Tianhe Software are honored and proud." Milky Way's main leadership, staff, customer representatives have also published comments:

Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Factory vice president of customer representatives Lin General:

Our factory is mainly responsible for the main structure of Shenzhou VII capsule, the main structure of the orbital module, attached to the main cabin structure, and the astronauts seat, "God seven" astronauts of concern to the cable, etc. cover the whole spacecraft's pipeline system . The aerospace industry can contribute to the motherland, we are very excited and proud.

Partners on behalf of papers published in:

Thank Tianhe company can give me a good development platform, no Milky Way company, I will not and aerospace industry lasting bonds of the successful launch of Shenzhou VII I am very excited, I can, through their own efforts to contribute to the motherland's space industry, In the future, I will continue to work for the Milky Way, for the aerospace industry and work hard!

Marketing Centre, Tianhe District Director Hu Zhenshan Congress:

When the successful launch of Shenzhou VII a an instant, my mood is really very excited and proud. Tianhe company as a sales staff, we serve clients in all industries, aerospace is a very important part. We are attracted to each customer to input: not only concerned about the project itself, are more concerned about the development of enterprises, we sell not only software products, more importantly, through our efficient services to make these products truly converted to the value.

Chen Jian Tian R & D Center on behalf of:

Shenzhou VII of the successful visit to the universe, as the Chinese was very pleased!

As a state-owned manufacturing industry information software designers in one, I hope to develop better software products continue to improve the comprehensive strength of China's manufacturing industry!

Hope for the future of aerospace engineering (the moon, space stations, interplanetary exploration ... ...) to make its own contribution!

Tian Lan, general manager of Charming:

Successful launch of Shenzhou VII, China's astronauts will complete a major historic breakthrough - to achieve space walk! Space is no longer the United States and Russia exclusive space, something that makes all Chinese feel proud of the initiative! This is our country Three years of reform and opening up a microcosm of significant achievements, but also generations who have fought the crystallization of space!

Aerospace industry is the Milky Way's key industries the company services, 10 years, the Milky Way for the aerospace industry the company has made a unique contribution.

Space brave fighting spirit, innovative spirit, dedication will inspire people to create progressive, Tianhe, Tianhe company to achieve leap development!

Deputy General Manager Tian Xiao-Feng Wu:


Zhai Zhigang congratulations!

Congratulations to China's space industry!

Also like to congratulate the: I and Zhai Zhigang is Longjiang County, although I did not become astronauts, but I and the Milky Way in China's aerospace cause people made great contributions to the design institutes and aerospace enterprises, are using the Milky Way CAD software, manufacturing Shenzhou VII rocket and the spacecraft are most aerospace companies use our Milky Way's CAPP process design and management software ah!

Specific, see: Tianhe Software help national prosperity and rejuvenation


Last night while watching the astronauts for entrance and take off their edge irrepressible excitement, and all friends text messages to communicate, tell them I was Zhai Zhigang's fellow ah, but also to inform them of Tianhe Software for the aerospace industry has made tremendous contributions to ! include:

The leaders of Longjiang County home

County Party Secretary Zhang told me that Zhai Zhigang has been the heroes of the family arrangements, and the county are celebrating more than 70 media here reported. Today saw the Sohu News reported:

Zhai Zhigang (map)

Place in Longjiang Longjiang County, painting, dragon, Yangko other celebrations, but also ad hoc Zhai Zhigang home, school and 54 primary schools in Longjiang two of three venues for folks to watch live.

Science head with candles

Tianhe Software User's leading friends

Nanyang Explosion-proof Motor Group White always said, the rocket and spaceship Shenzhou VII production in many factories, which all use their motor.

Shenyang Transformer TBEA Hanzhu Ren said that they produce ah.

Heavy stone factory director said the rocket launcher is too much production.

Harbin Boiler Factory single director, said the county were not Longjiang County General ah.

... ...

Family and friends

Of course, I also congratulate the matter, as we can for the space Tianhe Software is pleased to contribute to Albert.

Longjiang Description:

Longjiang County

Water and soil to support one party people, Longjiang landscape brought up China's space walk astronauts Zhai Zhigang:


Let hope that our motherland - the country's prosperity, national rejuvenation! Wish Tianhe software in their careers!

Bo Tian Yu Zeng, Technical Director:

Successful launch of Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft, and I was very moved. This is the generation after generation of astronauts continued efforts to keep the spirit of inheriting and carrying forward the results of the space. And aerospace related companies in the information construction of cooperation, this constant self-transcendence, and constantly self-innovation of Jingshenyezai inspire a new generation of the Milky Way people, Xiang Xin Milky Way to Hang Tian Neng make greater contributions to Milky Way will Gengjia proud!


Milky Way's highest mission is to "Milky Way software, help national prosperity and rejuvenation," This is not rhetoric, Tianhe, every employee, every day in the heart, the effort to practice, and there are so true, always look Through unremitting efforts to achieve: whether it is the Three Gorges generators, Shenzhou, Shenzhou VI, has just successfully launched the Shenzhou VII spacecraft, Chang'e One, a remote launch vehicle, or 100 MW supercritical power plant boiler, 200KM , 300KM high-speed trains, which have a direct contribution to the Tianhe Software. Space is also the Milky Way entered the field earlier and has been one of the best in an industry

Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games come to an end, the successful launch of Shenzhou VII to make the world's attention once again to invest in China: Since 1992, China launched its manned space program since the Shenzhou spacecraft is already the seventh expedition. 16 years, 7 launch, China's manned space industry firm and leisurely walk: From no one to three, from inside to outside to ... ... This is the Chinese people a new level of space is a new level of China's space industry, new level of the Chinese nation. The whole of China for its pride, Milky Way are more proud!

Attachment: Milky Way part of the company's client list with space-related

2 Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

2 Harbin Boiler Factory Co., Ltd.

2 Nanyang Explosion-proof Motor Group

2 Shenyang TBEA

2 Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Factory

2 Capital Aerospace Machinery Company

2 Beijing Shenzhou Aerospace Software Technology Co., Ltd.

2 Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Fifth fifth 0 8 Institute

2 Aerospace Materials and Technology Research Institute (703)

2 Beijing Institute of Control Engineering

2 Fifth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

2 Aerospace Dongfanghong Satellite Co., Ltd.

2 Institute of Aerospace Materials and Technology

2 Institute of Aerospace Science and Industry Group, the second factory 283

2 Xi'an Space Star Technology Industrial Group

2 assembly and Environmental Engineering Department

. . . . . .

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Like Facebook wants to rule the world?

Facebook will be held this week, three F8 Developers Conference, at which they will announce that can enhance their influence in the whole network plan. These include include a "like" button and one for the site's community-based toolbar. Throughout the network, so you can see them everywhere, this scheme allows Facebook and Myspace to avoid the same destiny?

Social network in Starbucks?

You should remember the past, social networking is our destination. As Friendster became slow and unreliable when large-scale users to migrate to Myspace. Until MySpace has become bloated, do we all go jump Facebook. Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) is very clear threat: if a destination site, users quickly jump to the next cool hangout to.

This is why Facebook aspires to be a strong platform. More and more companies rely on Facebook, the less likely it failed. Zynga Facebook as a platform to the market value of the company has more than 100 million U.S. dollars, there are thousands of web site login system is using Facebook Connect. Toolbar and "like" button on their next strategy; distributed through the provision of more services, Facebook has gradually become an invaluable platform. Points (Facebook Credits, Facebook virtual currency, I suddenly thought of Q coins), the connection (Facebook Connect), the toolbar - these things are distributed throughout the network trying to weave a social network diagram on Facebook.

Its commitment to become the coolest bar in town, so customers will more quickly to the next wave of the zone, not as good as - Facebook is planning to become a Starbucks on the network, through a spread in every corner of the "like" button!

Their plans are great, but there is a flaw: dependence Facebook has a "social network map", that is, the relationship you are in the network, and (joining the "like" button) to your personal preference data.

This plan is only to consider the interests from Facebook, lock the user's social network map, does not take into account the best interests of the user. If you Twitter, Google or other sites to your social network graph becomes portable, so you do not need to store their information on the Facebook - and you can take them wherever possible to do what you want to do .

Maybe Facebook need not worry. Most users do not know nor care about social graph portability, such as Facebook Connect, Like and toolbars have been able to provide enough of these data access capabilities, to meet the developers and the majority of people who, in addition to the most critical part of the network users.

They can maintain a social graph? This is the decision of the fate of a Facebook problem.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Write-once HD-DVD discs will be in volume production to wait for final approval

Three local time this week, Toshiba and two optical disc makers said at a press conference, storage capacity of 15GB, write-once HD-DVD-R discs for mass production will begin early next year. This time with HD-DVD recorders, PC drives time to market fairly.
According to Toshiba, HD-DVD-R disc storage capacity of existing DVD-R discs for 3 times, will hope to HD-DVD format to store the contents of the consumer to provide an addition to 20GB of HD-DVD-RW discs in addition to the option.
HD-DVD supporters have discussed HD-DVD-RW CD-ROM development, but this week has never been discussed before the three write-once technology. Although they did not disclose the price, but the price of write-once discs will provide consumers with a rewritable CD cheaper option.
HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc is the next generation of DVD technology competition. Although the main supporter of Blu-ray Sony, Panasonic Blu-ray high-storage capacity as its main advantages, HD-DVD's main advantage is the compact disc to disc in existing DVD production equipment, can effectively reduce HD -DVD discs cost.
However, with the compatibility of DVD disc manufacturing equipment and did not extend to HD-DVD-R, the main reason for the write-once discs store data on a paint layer. Toshiba's core technology center Hideaki Ohsawa, senior manager of three this week, said that the problem has been resolved.
CD-ROM manufacturers to pre-production, HD-DVD-R DVD Forum standards require final approval. According to company spokeswoman Junko Furuta Toshiba said that work needs to be completed within 2 months. She said that although only the Mitsubishi Kagaku, Hitachi Maxell, said two companies to produce HD-DVD-R discs, but many others will also be announced related programs.
Junko Furuta said Toshiba plans to early next year in Japan and the U.S. sales and HD-DVD-R discs compatible with the HD-DVD recorders and PC drives. Sanyo also plans to launch a 2006 HD-DVD recorder.
The first HD-DVD-R discs are single layer discs, recording speed is only 1x. Mitsubishi Kagaku, Hitachi Maxell is studying how to improve the HD-DVD-R disc's recording speed, they also plan to develop higher capacity version. However, restrictions on the technology itself, HD-DVD-R discs can only reach maximum recording speed 8x. 2x version of the development time needed for one year; storage capacity to 30GB of double-layer HD-DVD-R disc development also need a few years.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Talent war broke out, the direct selling industry executives 300 000 -50 million annual salary

Recruitment advertisements have recently appeared in the direct-sales figure. In fact, Avon, Amway, such as several new direct marketing giants such as branch offices and factories around the intensified recruitment of staff, and the new entrants to the direct selling companies aimed at Amway, Avon and other established businesses in the high-level "winkle" and out at least 50 million annual salary.

Recruitment in Avon, the sales staff has become the recent hot spots; Amway is a large-scale recruitment of finance, accounting or personnel, such as the Senior Accounting Officer, Audit, Taxation Officers, etc.; In addition, production supervisor, chemical analysts, personnel, technical support, have also become the recruitment of hot spots.

The senior direct marketing professionals is the major new entrants into direct selling companies in hot demand. According to a direct selling company's sales director said the new direct selling company to enter the Chinese market are generally open at least a basic salary of 500,000 / year in terms of the high-level Amway and Avon have become their "winkle" an important source. United States, most of a well-known high-level direct selling company Amway veteran comes from. Last year, sales director of Avon leave the urbanization process, as NHT Global (China) Co., Ltd. Senior Vice President, is a typical case.

Direct the promulgation of the Ordinance is the direct selling industry professionals in fashion most fundamental reason. Direct marketing expert, said Hu Yuanjiang, direct method of development and implementation, not only from a legal sense, to confirm the existence of the direct sales industry, but also to improve the current situation of China's direct selling quite a mixed bag, but also that has been "Rooted" in the direct selling industry, with more talent and more choice. According to ChinaHR forecast legitimate direct selling companies settled in China, brought in addition to direct sales force, "recruiting a large one", there are administrative, training, management, financial and other related large-scale recruitment of personnel. Direct selling industry for more popular recent posts, Hu Yuanjiang that the direct selling industry market management operations personnel up to 300,000 annual salary to 50 million; familiar with the chain of talent, marketing strategy and business development personnel, logistics, logistics personnel, their salary can be 10 million to 200 thousand yuan.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

winamp visual effects studio creating Flash

Effect Description:
Start winamp, open the winamp settings panel "Select plugin / visual effects" can be seen winamp visual studio plug-ins, click the plug-in option to open AVS panel can enjoy a number of very stunning visual effects. This article is the introduction of such visual effects with Flash production methods. Design results are as follows:

Preview some of the design effect

These effects if applied to your Flash MTV in which the great! Due to space relations, I can only give you on one of the simpler method of making the effect. However, as long as you learn to create this effect, and then fixed brains and hands, it can do to other more dazzling effect.


Open FlashMX: shortcut keys Ctrl + J, set the scene for the 400px 脳 400px, black, frame rate 12fps.

First, the design of components

眉 pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl + F8 to create a new named "part" of the Movie Clip symbol. Then in the "part" of the scene in a few random draw circle, triangle, square; lines can also be a dotted line; also can be designed very rough. Shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 "part" symbol set

To make a more brilliant effect, this part is to take half a brain design. If the "part" symbol image is also available within the movement, then the effect will be even more complicated.

眉 pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl + F8 to create a new called "motion" of the Movie Clip symbol. "Motion" symbol in the composition layer and the frame structure shown in Figure 2. Figure 2, the right for the Library panel, panel, for all components.

Figure 2 "film text" layer and frame structure

Figure 3 change "part" shape of the symbol

Now set about "Move" level in five key frame.

First of all, the movie clip "motion" scene in "Layer 1" layer name to "Move". Then pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl + L open library, the library movie clip symbol "part" drag and drop to the "Move" Layer in. Right-click the layer of the first one, select Create Motion Tween command to establish the frame of gradual movement.

Click the first frame were 15,30,45,60, F6 shortcut keys insert key frame. Now, to change the key frame is "part" symbol size, angle, shape, in order to achieve the shape changes.

Click on the first 15 in the "part" symbol shortcut keys Ctrl + T to open Transform panel and shown in Figure 3 Scaling "part" symbol. Click the 15th frame, pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl + F3 Open the Properties panel and select Rotate as shown in Figure 4, the drop-down menu in the CCW command to "part" symbol from the beginning of the frame to the next key frame in a counterclockwise movement .


Article 30 as long as the "part" symbol to enlarge a little on it.

Figure 4, the first 15 to change the direction of rotation of the symbols

Figure 5 to change the first 30 in the "part" symbol

Article 45 of the "part" symbol reduced to half the original, and vertical flip.

60 frames with the first one set to the same, so you can ensure video playback of fluency.

眉 pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl + F8 to create a new named "color" of the Movie Clip symbol. "Color" sign in only a layer; is 60; every 10 as a key frame. Each key frame will be on the "motion" video clip of the color and size settings. Space relations, say 10 and 40 of the setting, other settings similar to the key frame.

First library in the "motion" symbol drag to the "color" sign scene layer, the method used to establish 5 ibid key frame. Select the first 10 scenes in the "motion" symbol, open the Properties panel and set as shown in Figure 6. Then the "motion" symbol top left corner to move a little away from the scene. Tint said that the color images.

Figure 6 in "motion" symbol color

The first 40 scenes in the "motion" symbol choose dark blue, the bottom left corner to move a little away from the scene.

Second, the design scene

1. Layer of the main scene

As shown in Figure 7, the establishment of "Actions" and "Sybmol" two. Symbol from the library to "color" drag and drop to the "Sybmol" layer. Select the "Sybmol" layer "color" sign, open Properties panel to give it name from a solid "part". Shown in Figure 8.

Figure 7, the main scene and the frame structure of the middle

Figure 8 named "color" symbol of the entity name

2. Design control procedures.

Were selected "Actions" layer in the first 2,3-frame press F7 key to insert a blank keyframe and press F9 key to open the Actions panel, enter the following code:

鈥?the first one in the code as follows:

i = 1; file / / control the depth of the film copy to be copied out of the video difference

j = 40; file / / and the role of the variable i, like, but j is the control variable used to delete videos

k = 100; file / / control video scaling parameters, the size of random

num = 80; file / / copy control maximum amount of video

setProperty ("part", _visible, 0); file / / hide the female parent

鈥?Article 2 of the code is as follows:

while (i
file / / on the film "color" to copy

duplicateMovieClip ("part", "part" add i, 100-i);

file / / setProperty () statement is to film in the X-axis direction by a certain percentage to zoom

file / / parameter "k * random (i)" once again reflects the charm of a random function, its role is to control video scaling

setProperty ("part" add i, _xscale, k * random (i));

setProperty ("part" add i, _yscale, k * random (i));

setProperty ("part" add i, _alpha, num-i);

i = i +1;

removeMovieClip ("part" add random (j)); file / / randomly remove videos


鈥?Article 3 of the code is as follows:

gotoAndPlay (2); / / return the first two

In fact, to achieve this effect, random function is the first contributor, followed by the design of the symbol. As you can sign design inspiration in the visual effects in winamp in search. Then, design a good number of effect, how to easily make calls and enjoy them? Here we teach the most simple way:

Click the Windows menu / Common Libraries / Button command, open the Button Library, drag a button to the main scene, and then right-click this button, select the Actions command, enter the following code:

on (release) (

loadMovieNum ("xxx.swf", 0);


Final results are added together to give each a call button so that it can call each other each other.


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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Youtube Movie to Wii Gold

Hot popluar youtube video Converter + download + player tool. With YouTube tool you can also convert downloaded YouTube videos to a format compatible with your favorite portable device; including - iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, as well as video capable MP3 players, video capable mobile phones, and Pocket PC, And finally... YouTube tool's embedded player will allow you to watch all your favorite YouTube videos off-line. So now you can enjoy any .flv and .swf videos anytime!
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